Quantum of the Seas – Papenburg, Germany

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Architect: 5+ Design

Element bath producer: EMS Precab GmbH & Co.KG

Builder: Meyer Werft

Owner: Royal Caribbean International


Website: www.royalcaribbean.de


This innovative cruise ship sets new environmental standards, whilst scoring with outstanding entertainment and architecture


Accommodating more than 4,100 passengers, this German engineering marvel from Meyer Werft travels at a speed of 22 knots from its home port in New York to the Caribbean Sea. One-of-a-kind aboard a ship, and a true construction feat, is the so called “North Star”, a gondola rising to a height of 90 metres, inspired by the London Eye. The “Two 70 degree” panorama lounge is another eye-catching venue on the ship.


Another special feature in the 2,090 cabins: the spectacular views. Many face the sea and those on the interior are equipped with 82-inch, floor-to-ceiling screens showing live, exterior views. The culinary offerings delight with new speciality restaurants and an innovative “Dynamic Dining“ concept instead of the set meal times, common on cruises.


The passenger cabins are equipped with Metris faucets which offer personal space at the wash basin thanks to comfortable spout heights. Furthermore the Meyer Werft chose the Croma 100 Vario hand shower and a customised thermostat Ecostat Comfort from Axor Manufaktur.

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1 x Ecostat - Termostato de ducha Ecostat Comfort visto
Acabado: cromo, Código del artículo: 13116000
Excéntricas 150 ± 12 mm, Botón limitador de caudal EcoStop (10 l/min), Botón de seguridad a 40°C, Temperatura máxima ajustable, Válvula anti-retorno, Amortiguador de sonido
Categoría del precio $ $ $

1 x Croma 100 - Set de ducha Vario EcoSmart 9 l/min con barra de ducha 65 cm y jabonera
Acabado: cromo, Código del artículo: 27776000
Consiste en: teleducha, barra de ducha, flexo de ducha, control deslizante, Jabonera , Tipo de chorro: Shampoo, Massage, Rain, Normal , Cabezal Ø 100 mm, Caudal 9 l/min aprox. a 3 bar
Categoría del precio $ $ $

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1 x Metris - Mezclador monomando de lavabo 110 con vaciador automático
Acabado: cromo, Código del artículo: 31080000
Consiste en: Mezclador monomando de lavabo, vaciador , ComfortZone 110, Proyección 116 mm, Caudal a 3 bar: 5 l/min , Vaciador automático de 1 ¼“, Material del set de desagüe: metal , Sistema antical QuickClean
Categoría del precio $ $ $

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