Hotel Competence Center Oberschleißheim with PuraVida Electronic & ShowerSelect

Category: Hotel   Project Participiants:

Interior Designer: JOI-Design GmbH Innenarchitekten


The first permanent exhibition for hotel facilities: the construction of a &bdquo

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Products and specifications used in this reference project


1 x PuraVida - HG overhead shower PuraVida 400mm chrome
Finish: white/chrome, Part number: 27390400
Spray modes: RainAir , Spray face finish: Chrome or White, overhead shower, Mounting Material, Assembly instructions
Pricing category $ $ $

1 x ShowerSelect - HG Ecostat Select Thermostat UP Fertigset 2 AV chrom
Finish: chrome, Part number: 15763000
Outlets may be operated simultaneously, Select push-button on/off control for 2 outlets, Thermostatic cartridge, Start/stop cartridge, Anti-scald 100° safety stop, Thermostatic Trim, mixing unit, Mounting Material, Assembly instructions
Pricing category $ $ $

1 x PuraVida - HG hand shower PuraVida 150mm 3je
Finish: white/chrome, Part number: 28567400
Select button for comfortable alternation of spray modes, Spray modes: RainAir, CaresseAir, Mix , Flow: 2.38 GPM, available in chrome or white
Pricing category $ $ $

1 x Isiflex - Handshower Hose Techniflex, 80"
Finish: chrome, Part number: 28274000
high-quality shower hose with metal look, Pivot connector prevents hose from tangling, No-kink hose
Pricing category $ $ $

1 x FixFit - HG wall outlet Fixfit DN15 chrome with
Finish: chrome, Part number: 27414000
plastic connection angle with metal ball joint, non-return valve, Wall Outlet, Assembly instructions
Pricing category $ $ $

1 x Handshower Holder S
Finish: chrome, Part number: 28331000
Pricing category $ $ $

1 x HG basic set iBox universal concealed
Finish: n.a., Part number: 01800180
Rp ¾, 180° rotationally-symmetric installation, sound-decoupled installation, scope of supply: Rough, Adjustable installation flange, Wall seal, Assembly instructions
Pricing category $ $ $

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1 x PuraVida - HG basin mixer electronics PuraVida
Finish: white/chrome, Part number: 15172400
Theft-proof aerator, Temperature control, Infrared sensor, 100 - 240 Volt AC / 50-60 Hz, Temporary water stop feature for cleaning, ⅜" connections, two filter units with fine filter to protect from incoming dirt, for assembly on existing angle valves, filter element can be removed and cleaned
Pricing category $ $ $

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