Yacht Phinisi Zen – Gdańsk, Poland

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Interior Designer: Digital Effect
Design: Zygmunt Choren
Owner: Global Adventure Group Ltd


This sailing masterpiece is a showcase of rare artistic craft


The grand, 53-metre Phinsi Zen sailing yacht is a collaborative creation of the Global Adventure Group Ltd. and Zygmunt Choren, a well-known designer and builder of some of the world’s most famous tall ships. The fine interiors of this Indonesian charter yacht  emphasise natural materials and were planned by the Polish Digital Effect Design Studio.


Although the external shape of this two-mast yacht presents a classic look, the interior of the Phinisi Zen is pure luxury in design. It encompasses six luxurious staterooms and one owner’s bi-level suite with adjoining children’s room, a captain’s and two crew cabins, a galley fit for a professional chef, as well as indoor and outdoor lounges­ – all furnished with designer pieces.


The marble bathrooms echo the luxury throughout with Axor Starck overhead and hand showers as well as thermostatic mixers by Axor Urquiola.

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Products and specifications used in this reference project


1 x AXOR Starck - Plate overhead shower 240 1jet
Finish: Chrome, Art. No.: 28494000
shower head size: 240 mm , ball-joint: overhead shower angle adjustable , spray type: RainAir , maximum flow rate at 0.3 MPa: 18 l/min , flow rate RainAir spray (at 0.3 MPa): 18 l/min , material spray disc: metal , installation: ceiling or wall , connection thread G ½, connection dimension: DN15 , suitable for continuous flow water heaters with an output of 18 kW
Price Category $ $ $

1 x AXOR Urquiola - Thermostat for concealed installation with shut-off/ diverter valve
Finish: Chrome, Art. No.: 11733000
2 outlets, thermostat cartridge, shut-off valve, min. operating pressure: 1 bar , max. operating pressure: 10 bar , safety lock at 40° C, temperature limitation adjustable, non-return valve, with silencer, connection type: basic set
Price Category $ $ $

1 x Basic set iBox universal
Finish: n.a., Art. No.: 01800180
connection thread Rp ¾, suitable for all shower, bath tub and thermostat finish sets for concealed installation, rotationally-symmetric installation, sound-decoupled installation, connection dimension: DN20
Price Category $ $ $

1 x Shower arm 38.9 cm
Finish: Chrome, Art. No.: 27413000
wall-mounted, version: 90° angle , connection thread G ½
Price Category $ $ $

1 x FixFit - Wall outlet S with non-return valve and pivot joint
Finish: Chrome, Art. No.: 27506000
ball-joint: shower hose connection with ball joint , plastic connection angle with metal ball joint, non-return valve
Price Category $ $ $

1 x AXOR Starck - Metal effect shower hose 1.25 m
Finish: Chrome, Art. No.: 28282000
high-quality shower hose, with plastic coating, easy to clean, shower hose length: 1.25 m , pivot connectors prevent hose from tangling, kink-protected, cylindrical nuts on both ends
Price Category $ $ $

1 x Shower holder Porter S
Finish: Chrome, Art. No.: 28331000
fixed holding position, for hoses with conical nut
Price Category $ $ $

1 x AXOR Starck - Baton hand shower 2jet
Finish: Chrome, Art. No.: 28532000
spray type adjustment by turning spray disc, spray type: Rain, MonoRain , flow rate at 3 bar: 16 l/min , metal cover, rinseable dirt filter, connection thread G ½, connection dimension: DN15 , suitable for continous flow water heaters, suitable for rim-/ tile-mounted mixers
Price Category $ $ $

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1 x AXOR Urquiola - Single lever basin mixer 280 for washbowls with waste set
Finish: Chrome, Art. No.: 11035000
consists of: single lever basin mixer, waste set , ComfortZone 280, projection 198 mm, normal spray, flow rate at 3 bar: 5 l/min , ceramic cartridge, temperature limitation adjustable, suitable for continuous flow water heaters, non-closing waste set, connection type: G ⅜ connections , connection dimension: DN15 , handle position on the side: top-side at the spout (generally suitable for wash bowls)
Price Category $ $ $

1 x PuraVida - Liquid soap dispenser
Finish: Chrome, Art. No.: 41503000
wall-mounted, material: brass, ceramic , filling capacity 125 ml, dosage 1.5 ml, material holder: metal
Price Category $ $ $

1 x AXOR Starck Organic - Toothbrush tumbler
Finish: Chrome, Art. No.: 42734000
material: metal , wall-mounted
Price Category $ $ $

1 x AXOR Urquiola - Wash bowl 511
Finish: Alpinwhite, Art. No.: 11301000
counter top washbowl, only in conjunction with basin mixers without pull rod, mineral cast with gelcoat, CE, TÜV certified
Price Category $ $ $

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