Palanga SPA Design Hotel – Lithuania

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Architekt: Donatas Rakauskas

Interior Designer: Budrio Dizaino Studija




Lithuanian spa hotel impresses with holistic design concept


The five-star Palanga Hotel boasts a tranquil location in Palanga, Lithuania, amidst pine trees and just 50 metres from the Baltic Sea. The five-storey award-winning building by architect Donatas Rakauskas calls to mind a sailboat and fits perfectly into the maritime setting. The 46-room property is the only hotel in the world with a floor deviated by an angle of seven degrees, giving guests a sense of being in another reality.


The hotel is outfitted with top-quality, natural materials throughout: snow white Thassos marble, Norwegian quartzite, olive-tree and cedar wood, authentic Persian carpets and copper accents. The three room categories exclusively feature natural wool carpets. The hotel’s outdoor, lobby and spa furnishings are by well-known Italian designers like Paola Lenti and Catellani & Smith.

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Products and specifications used in this reference project


1 x AXOR ShowerSolutions - ShowerHeaven 970/970 3jet with lighting
Finish: Stainless Steel, Art. No.: 10623800
shower head size: 970 x 970 mm , spray type: RainAir, normal spray, laminar spray , flow rate RainAir spray (at 0.3 MPa): 20.6 l/min , flow rate normal spray (at 0.3 MPa): 33.3 l/min , flow rate laminar spray: 15.6 l/min , can be activated individually or in combination, the 3 spray zones must be controlled via 3 valves or a diverter valve with 3 outlets, spray zones: Bodyzone - outer overhead shower zone, Rainzone - inner overhead shower zone with AirPower function, laminar spray at Ø 17 mm , spray disc surface: polished stainless steel, frame: brushed stainless steel, installation: ceiling - exposed or concealed ceiling-flush , connection dimension: DN20 , with integrated lighting, illuminant: LED , power supply: 12 V , transformer power supply for concealed installation 12 V, 18 W, input voltage: 100 - 240 V AC / 50 / 60 Hz , output voltage: 12 V - DC , colour temperature: 2700 K , energy efficiency label: C, not suitable for continuous flow water heaters, TÜV certified
Price Category $ $ $

1 x AXOR ShowerSolutions - Thermostatic module 360/120 Square for concealed installation
Finish: Chrome, Art. No.: 10751000
3 outlets, simultaneous use of several outlets, thermostat cartridge, min. operating pressure: 1,5 bar , max. operating pressure: 10 bar , safety lock at 40° C, temperature limitation adjustable, non-return valve, connection type: basic set , connection dimension: DN20
Price Category $ $ $

1 x AXOR ShowerSolutions - Basic set for thermostatic module 360/120 for concealed installation
Finish: n.a., Art. No.: 10750180
3 outlets can be used simultaneously, flow rate at free through-flow: 59 l/min , spindle valves, connection from left or right, horizontal or vertical installation, sound-decoupled installation, in a joined installation it serves as a waterconducting unit and allows dimensionally accurate positioning, connection dimension: DN20
Price Category $ $ $

1 x Raindrain - Complete set waste set 90 XXL
Finish: Chrome, Art. No.: 60067000
suitable for shower trays with Ø 90 mm waste outlet, drain performance 51 l/min at 15 mm water level, waste pipe Ø 50 mm, stainless steel finish set, opening for cleaning
Price Category $ $ $

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1 x PuraVida - Single lever basin mixer 110 with push-open waste set
Finish: Chrome, Art. No.: 15070000
consists of: single lever basin mixer, waste set , ComfortZone 110, projection 113 mm, laminar spray, swiveling spray former, flow rate at 3 bar: 5 l/min , joystick ceramic cartridge, suitable for continuous flow water heaters, push-open waste set G 1¼, material waste set: metal , connection dimension: DN15
Price Category $ $ $

1 x AXOR Massaud - Single lever basin mixer 220 without pull-rod for wash bowls
Finish: Chrome, Art. No.: 18020000
ComfortZone 220, projection 200 mm, wide flood jet, flow rate at 3 bar: 4 l/min , joystick ceramic cartridge, suitable for continuous flow water heaters, non-closing flush grated valve, connection dimension: DN15
Price Category $ $ $

1 x AXOR Massaud - Wash bowl 800 mm
Finish: Alpinwhite, Art. No.: 42300000
counter top washbowl, only in conjunction with basin mixers without pull rod, mineral cast with gelcoat, for planning consider drilling template, CE, TÜV certified
Price Category $ $ $

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